Our Purpose

The Foundation grew from strongly held beliefs that:

  • The African continent boasts vast natural resources and arable land. Strategic planning and utilisation of these resources can lead to upliftment of rural populations.
  • The agricultural sector will bring the most effective results in building middle income economies in sub-Saharan Africa.  Consequently, investment in agriculture is the key to successful economic empowerment of African economies.
  • A vital part of support in growing African incomes is to foster private sector and government involvement.  Domestic and cross-continental collaboration is needed between public, private and developmental agencies, donors, and the financial sector (including impact investors), incorporating existing and new technologies.
  • A multi-layered approach (holistic) comprising improving access to markets, technical and skills training, the provision of quality inputs, access to market information and securing financial assistance, are needed as the pillars to support an enabling environment for smallholder producers.

The Foundation’s main goal is to contribute to community development and the long-term, sustainable growth of local employment across various regions of Africa. By improving smallholders’ knowledge of the fertility of their land and quality of their crop, the potential to attract warehousing facilities and processing plants is increased, thereby expanding local employment to rural areas that would otherwise be without sustainable economies.

Core Values

The values of EFF remain those held by its founder whose approach to business success coupled with compassion and good business practice have laid the groundwork for our system of values:







At the Foundation’s heart is a genuine compassion for the smallholder farmer, born of an understanding of where socio-economic conditions hold back their self-empowerment, and of a realisation that, given the right circumstances, farmers can become their own agents of meaningful and positive change.


EFF’s vision is to apply knowledge and experience through strategic interventions to stimulate economic growth, social empowerment and the building of robust eco systems in emerging markets.


EFF strives to reduce poverty, raise gender equality and upskill economically disadvantaged communities increasing job creation through multi-stakeholder partnerships. EFF incorporates elements in its interventions to improve communities’ overall wellbeing through sustainable programs focused on education and skills development, healthcare, agriculture and agro-processing, with particular emphasis on youth engagement and gender balance.


Our goal has been to stimulate growth in agriculture and foster the development of rural economies. In collaboration with our partners, EFF has been laying the groundwork of local market economies, with an eye on long-term sustainability. We are expanding and growing these economies through partnerships for health, education, financial inclusion and climate responsibility.