Our Goal

Our goal is to stimulate growth in agriculture and foster the development of rural economies. In collaboration with its partners, EFF is laying the groundwork of local market economies, increasing access to inputs, credit and markets, and training smallholder farmers to meet the quality and reliability requirements of the commercial market. With an eye on long-term sustainability, EFF helps farmers move beyond subsistence farming, improving domestic economies across Africa and the global marketplace.

The Foundation’s main goal is to contribute to community development and the long-term, sustainable growth of local employment across various regions of Africa. By improving smallholders’ knowledge of the fertility of their land and quality of their crop, the potential to attract warehousing facilities and processing plants is increased, thereby expanding local employment to rural areas that would otherwise be without sustainable economies.

EFF is dedicated to supporting the smallholder communities across Sub-Saharan Africa and strengthening the farm gate model. Its primary role is to act as the conduit between farmers and consumers, effectively increasing efficiencies by eliminating the middleman.