Over time, ETG developed strong connections with both ends of the economic spectrum, creating a direct relationship between the smallholder farmer/producers and consumers of commodity products around the world. With a value chain that operates between the farm gates of emerging African markets and supermarket shelves around the world, ETG is committed to connecting smallholders to the global economy, and the global economy back to the smallholders.

It is our belief that Sub-Saharan Africa can become the largest food producer in the world, and that smallholders are a critical component in making that a reality. We invest in them for several reasons:

  • There are many of them. Over 25% of the world’s population is smallholders who occupy arable land, representing a significant number of potential suppliers and consumers seeking to connect with the global economy.
  • They are generally poor due to limited education and resources, making agriculture their best avenue for survival. With support and training, they can work their way out of poverty by becoming contributors to the world’s food production and economy.
  • We need them to contribute. Since the World’s food production is not keeping up with population and dietary changes, smallholders can help increase global food security and worldwide stability.