Our Results

Through our promotion of good agronomic practices, farming technologies, use of fertilizers and high-yielding seeds, EFF has introduced commercial possibilities to farmers through new food crops that are internationally in demand, providing them with enduring guaranteed markets.

The Foundations work is driving measurable results. We see steady increases in the number of smallholders who are successfully practicing business farming and the affect it is having on stabilizing their local economies.

Beyond economic improvements, EFF evaluates the social impact of its projects through several key indicators, including increases in crop yields and quality, access to inputs, credit and the market, a greater level of engagement, and ultimately, income to the farmers. By securing multi-year engagements with smallholder communities, we ensure short and long-term success.

In summary, EFF is steadily generating sustainable financial, human resource, and infrastructural improvements. Additional examples include:

  • Generating income in rural communities through crops such as Soya, Sesame, Pigeon Peas, and Green Grams.
  • Developing human resources by training farmers directly through our local staff, who provide hands-on guidance, tools, and manuals.
  • Increasing awareness and implementation of quality standards.
  • Establishing physical infrastructure.
  • Stimulating Soya bean production from almost zero in 2011 to over 1,800 MT, along with over 5,000 MT in Maize.
  • Establishing quality checks and a procurement process system that is being implemented across local procurement depots.
  • Establishing price differences, clear crop standards, and the provision of simple tools for cleaning, which has resulted in better quality produce and prevention of post-harvest losses.
  • Establishing a proprietary extension training model, which provides technical skills and insights that foster sustainability and profitability.
  • Successfully linking smallholders to financial institutions.

Clearly, the impact to EFF’s smallholder farmers is evident in higher yields and income – in some cases up to $600 per household – and is validated by their willingness to re-engage year-after-year.