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Our Team

Poorva Pandya

CEO of ETG Farmers Foundation

Poorva Pandya has over 18 years of corporate experience in United States, and Australasia and Sub Saharan Africa. With ETG Farmers Foundation (EFF) she has developed and empowered smallholders to achieve economic goals beyond their initial scope. As head of this not for profit sector of ETG, her job is to formalize and build on ETG’s existing smallholder outreach through farm gate business model. EFF is responsible for developing initiatives for rural agronomy economic development including strategic planning and implementation of private sector investment in agriculture projects. Poorva leads EFF to develop sustainable, scalable solutions and create new ecosystems that replace economically and socially inefficient supply chains with ones that are both more profitable and capable of bringing more people into the formal economy.

Nadia Paschetta

EFF Tanzania Country Director, East Africa Representative

Nadia Paschetta is the Tanzanian Country Director & East Africa Representative with EFF. Nadia has worked extensively in Africa as a development professional with cross-disciplinary experience. She joined EFF in 2012 where she works closely with smallholder farmers and leads a team of competent and dedicated project managers, agronomists, analysts, extension and community officers across East Africa.

Macdonald Muza

Project Manager

Macdonald Muza joined the Zimbabwe EFF team in 2016 with degrees in management and logistics and quickly become an invaluable member, providing management, support and training to our field teams, farmers and extension officers throughout our areas of operation in Zimbabwe

Freddy Leonce

Agronomist and Field Coordinator, Tanzania

Freddy Leonce graduated from the Sekoine University of Agriculture in 2013 and after completing a placement with Selian Agricultural Institute (SARI) he joined the EFF Team. He has been a a key part of EFF Tanzania’s field operations providing agronomic support to field staff and farmers across all projects.

Divyangi Vijaykumar Sharma

Finance and Administrative Officer, Tanzania

Divya joined the EFF team in 2017 with a strong background in finance and administration. She provides much needed administrative support to the growing Tanzania team.

Kathryn Richards

Marketing and Communications Officer, Zimbabwe

Kathryn Richards joined the EFF team as the Marketing and Communications Officer in 2016. She has a long history of volunteering and working within the development sector and has been broadening her experiences and skills through her work with EFF.