EFF Zambia was established in 2018 and has a growing team and presence working in the Western Province. EFF is working within the Cashew value chain, one well known from previous engagements with ETG in Tanzania.

Timeline: 2018 – 2020
Impact: 60,000
Partners: Export Trading Company (ETC) Zambia, African Development Bank, Provincial and District Government


EFF was brought in to assist ETC Zambia in the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP), a project to rejuvenate existing cashew plantations and establish new plantations and nurseries for the Western Province. The EFF team was able to source Cashew experts from Tanzania and aid in training field staff for the project on best practices for delivery of the project. The EFF team will be playing a supporting role to the project for the duration of the time lending our experience to sensitize and capacitate the smallholder farmers. Teaching good agronomic practices, establishing demonstration and nursery sites and providing critical training in farm management practices.

Timeline: 2019
Impact: 1000
Partners: Mitsui &Co Ltd


The Foundation received funding through the Mitsui Global Volunteer Program (MGVP) to enhance the outreach projects for the CIDP program. The grant provided EFF with additional equipment to conduct an effective sensitization campaign across all 10 regions of the Western Province. It also provided additional equipment to assist in the rejuvenation and establishment campaign through the provision of motorized blowers and nursery equipment. Additionally the project is also supporting the local agricultural college, Barotse Technical College, through the donation of computers, projectors and printers to engage students with access and knowledge in digital solutions for smallholder agriculture.